4 tips if you want to learn to play jazz music

These days many people who have learned to play piano as a child are looking to extend their talents to jazz piano. Individuals who have come to play the piano already know music theory and have a good ear for music, and these are substantial assets for starters. Some tips for learning to play jazz music will start with getting to know a bit about jazz theory. Learn some basic jazz chords and study the licks of master jazz musicians. If you are trying to learn an instrument for the first time, a tip would be to work on the fundamentals necessary first.

shutterstock_183052571Find out about Legend Jazz Artists

If you want to learn to play jazz music, the third tip would be to find a website like katebrown.ca that can help you learn about other jazz artists and how they have progressed. You’ll be able to get ideas of where to learn to play jazz music. Certainly learning about other jazz artists will be fascinating and entertaining. The 4th tip for learning to play jazz will be to get a couple of good jazz books like the ‘Jazz Theory Book’ by Mark Levine. With some good books, look also at taking a university jazz course or even an exciting jazz workshop in your town.

Immerse Yourself in your ‘New’ Language

When studying music, it is always a good idea to understand its history and how it evolved. You’ll quickly discover what a wonderfully rich history jazz has. Listen to as much jazz as you can, because those who know jazz well will tell you that Jazz is a language and that you need to immerse yourself in it. Find other jazz musicians to play with. Having a jam buddy is a great way to learn, and when one gets better than the other, it spurs- and challenges the other one which is so essential to your jazz playing success.