About Us – AndrewRusso

This site is all about music. Music is a universal language and it needs no introduction. There are no boundaries, no religion, no language and no politics. It is all about heart, love and soul.

At andrewrusso.net, you will find some very interesting articles that will discuss different musical instruments and how they are played. You can learn about drums, guitars, pianos and more. Special care is taken when these guides and notes are written and published. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert, there is something for everyone at andrewrusso.net.

Apart from talking about different musical instruments, you will also get to understand the spirit and soul of music. Music is an art form, a cultural activity which is communicated through the medium of sound, and sometimes silence. It has a lot of different elements but the most common element of music is pitch.

At andrewrusso.net, we discuss not only musical instruments, but also the basics of music and how it works. Learning music can be a fulfilling experience in and of itself. It will take time though and that is exactly why you are here. This site will help you on your journey and stay with you till the end. If you are an amateur, it can be very frustrating. This site was developed with the purpose of helping students of music to move forward in their quest for knowledge in the field of music.

So no matter what your current position and how little time you have in your schedule, it is never too late to begin working on a new musical instrument. Just pick up your favorite instrument, go through the guides on this site and keep on practicing. If you are stuck somewhere, you know help is just a click away.