Make Better Music by Adding Bass Notes to Guitar Chords

There’s a bass note for each guitar chord and if you include it while playing, your music will sound much better. Having a solid bass line is important if you want to make great music with the guitar. There are three ways in which you can do this. They are:

Fingerstyle guitar

Fingerstyle guitarWhen playing this style, ensure you play notes using your thumb on the first beat of all measures. Finger picking patterns should always start with bass notes. This makes chords easier to recognize and more musical. You could also consider playing the notes later in a pattern or whenever you change chords. This helps introduce chords and improves songs.

Alternate bass notes

Every chord has alternates. For example, using the Am chord, the fifth string becomes the bass and sixth the alternate. Simple strums would involve playing the fifth and then sixth string followed with a strum. This will sound just like a bass player and will also add steady rhythm to songs.

Slash chords on guitar

You’ve probably seen chords like C/B and G/F. These are known as slash chords where you are supposed to play certain chords with different bass notes. In order to play C/B, you will have to play C like you would normally but with the fifth string and second fret instead of the third. This will change the bass for the C chord to B. Such changes typically only last for a single beat and are then followed by new chords. In other words, they become passing notes which help music move along.

Apart from chords, rhythm, and melody, including bass notes will help you make great music with your guitar. Forming this habit will help ensure everything you play is more musical and the audience will appreciate your effort each time.